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James Hardie 403550 Scyon Secura Flooring Internal 1800 x 900 x 19mm

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James Hardie Scyon Secura Flooring Internal 1800 x 900 x 19mm

James Hardie Scyon Secura Internal Flooring is Tongue and groove fibre cement flooring great for use in tiled bathrooms and living areas.

Up to 40% faster to install. Traditional compressed fibre cement flooring provides security against rot and moisture in wet areas. It’s solid under foot and squeak free in dry areas. But installing compressed fibre cement can be back-breaking. Moving sheets that can weigh over a hundred kilos is hazardous.

  • Scyon Secura Interior flooring sheets weigh less than 45 kilos.
  • Installing them is easier and up to 40% faster than compressed fibre cement.
  • The boards have one side for tiling and another side for carpet, vinyl or laminate flooring.
  • Identified by a clear edge colour, the 19mm thick Secura Interior flooring suits 450mm joist centres.
  • Up to 40% faster to install than compressed fibre cement (CFC) flooring.
  • Gun nail with corrosion resistant D Head or 2.8 x 50mm FC nails.
  • Tongue and groove joints on long edges don’t need trimmer support.
  • Performs and resists moisture damage if bathroom water proofing fails.
  • Tiles, vinyl, carpet and laminate flooring doesn't need an underlay.

Click here for the James Hardie Scyon Secura Flooring Installation Guide.

Finding it difficult to buy flooring solutions for the wet areas of your home? We all know that settling with a mediocre product for these areas can be pretty frustrating, since they can catch moisture very quickly, stain, crack, grow moss and so much more. At Canterbury Timber & Building Supplies, we offer products like James Hardie Sycon Secura Flooring Internal 1800x900x19mm.

This product is a market favourite for its many qualities that make it the best choice for weat areas such as bathrooms as well as for dry areas, such as the living room or the bedroom. Secura is dual functional, durable, versatile and light. What’s best is that installation of this product is up to 40% faster. Since this is a tongue and groove fibre cement flooring, one side includes a sealant gap, designed for tile applications, whereas the other side is ideal for carpet or vinyl applications, where the tongue and groove joint remains gapless.

You do not need to waterproof these flooring sheets because they already have a moisture resistant sealer on all the sides. You can easily introduce this product without any chances of twisting, warping or needing sanding for over 3 months. A nail gun can easily secure tongue and groove joins, hence there is no need for screwing or pre-drilling.

Scyon flooring is one of the best building materials in the market today. All types of solid flooring are available at Caterbury Timber & Building Supplies. You can reach out to us incase of any queries or questions about solid or Scyon flooring in Sydney, by calling us at 1300 791 229 or send an email to [email protected].