Treated Pine Decking

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Canterbury Timbers are Sydney’s largest supplier of Treated Pine Timber Decking products. Available in Premium Grade and a variety of sizes and styles. 

Treated pine decking is high quality premium grade available in dressed all round (DAR) or 'ribbed reversable' (ribbed). Pine decking is a brilliant product because it looks great in its treated form or can easily be painted or stained. The decking's light weight and versatility mean it looks great in Screens, Balluster, Fencing, or other decorative projects

If we don't have it, Canterbury Timbers can source it for you. Talk to our experts for DIY advice and construction project knowledge. Canterbury Timbers also has competitive Trade Prices on Timber and Building Supplies. Call us today on 1300 791 229 or click here for a Quote.

Treated pine decking has been around for many years because of its abundant availability and many advantages. We at Canterbury Timber & Building Supplies are Sydney’s largest suppliers of treated pine deck. We offer a variety of styles and sizes. Treated pine looks great for many building or decorative projects, fencing, screens and more.

Wood has been one of the most appreciated and natural building materials that we have ever worked with. Although, we face few challenges with these natural materials,, such as moisture that can lead to the growth of fungi and bacteria, wood insects and much more. These issues were not faced with other materials such as steel, cement, rock, concrete, etc. To combat these issues, wood was treated to create materials like treated pine decking, so that we could use natural materials without it being so easily susceptible to damage and other changes.

Benefits Of Using Trated Pine For Decking

Moisture Resistant

Natural wood can very easily attract moisture and help different kinds of bacteria, fungi and microorganisms to find shelter and thrive on the wood. With treated wood used in decking, a certain chemical is used, to protect the wood from microorganisms and fungi that can cause major decay.

Fungal Resistant

Even the slightest bit of moisture can very easily settle into the wood and force it down deep into the structure where fungus can attach itself, start to grow and thrive. This can promote fasted decomposition which is exactly what we do not want. Treated pine repels these organisms from thriving through copper-based compounds.

Insect Resistant

Insects are everywhere, to which wood harbouring insects are the worst when it comes to the health of wood and its functions. This is because of the copper that is used to treat the wood, where insects are kept at bay easily.

These are a few major advantages of using treated pine decking. Other benefits include fire resistance, durability, affordability and more. If you’re looking for 190 x 45 treated pine or/and 140x45 treated pine, you can find it on our website. Call us at 1300 791 229  or send us an email at  [email protected] to find out more about our treated pine decking.

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