Timber Lining Board

Canterbury Timbers is Sydney’s largest supplier of V Joint and Timber Lining Boards. Interior & Exterior Cladding in Timber and Weatherboard and Lining Boards. Timber is a smart choice, both for look and function.

V Joint Lining Timbers 

Wanting to create a natural, attractive design for your house? 

Timber lining boards add a natural, tactile warmth to a room, where v lining timber lining is commonly used to connect indoor and outdoor surroundings, allowing more natural aesthetics to exist indoors.

At Canterbury Timber & Building Supplies, we provide you with quality and affordable V joint timber lining boards. Our range comes in various sizes to suit different requirements and needs. Purchasingr V joint lining boards from us ensures that your furnishings are both stylish and functional. 

What is a lining board?

V Lining boards can be used as a decorative product for lining walls or ceilings. Their appearance is elegant and dramatic, therefore offering a chic but bold aesthetic for your home or workplace.

Why should you install Timber Lining Boards?

Timber lining is mostly used to safeguard  interior or exterior features of a property by adding a layer of protection. Since timber naturally has insulating properties, your lining will keep out extreme temperatures in both Summer and Winter.

Why Choose Canterbury Timber and Building Supplies?

Being in the industry for more than 68 years we demonstrate extensive experience and knowledge in handling Australian timber lining. Our goal is to provide valuable timber lining for any project and budget range. 

We also provide decking boards, cladding,whiteboards, sheet products, and more for versatile project needs. Browse through our catalogue of high-quality materials online. Alternatively, call us at 1300 791 229 or email us at [email protected] to speak to one of our experts today.

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