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If you want your next project to have a beautiful natural appearance and long durability, then Western Red Cedar Timber should be your choice of wood. Be it a residential or commercial project, Red Cedar wood is a popular choice for all builders in Australia. In addition to its visual appeal, Red Cedar wood boasts natural resistance to moisture, insect damage, and decay.

Canterbury Timbers is one of the largest cedar timber suppliers in Sydney. We source the highest quality cedar wood in Australia for our clients, supporting them in various building, renovation, and construction projects. 

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Discover the Beauty of Red Cedar Wood 

Cedar wood is highly regarded as one of the best timbers for its versatility, durability, and natural resistance to rot. Among all the varieties of Cedars found Red Cedar Wood is undoubtedly the best choice for woodworking and   building materials for projects. 

Red Cedar, also popularly known as Western Red Cedar Timber, is used in a variety of projects for both interior and exterior applications. Its popularity stems from its unique visual appearance, ranging from a light pinkish shade to dark brownish-red colour. On top of that, the wood is also highly durable. It can withstand all weather conditions and has natural decay resistance. 

Transform Your Space with Cedar Timber

At Canterbury Timbers, we have high-quality cedar timber for sale that can be used in various projects. Thanks to its attractive appearance, red cedar wood is popularly used in many interior projects, including wall panelling, moulding, window blinds, and millwork. Cedar timber cladding is also commonly used to enhance the aesthetics of exterior structures. 

Western Red Cedar Timber offers great dimensional stability and excellent durability, which makes it a strong contender for exterior projects. It is used to build roof shingles, weatherboarding, greenhouses, exterior sliding, poles, fences, boxes, and crates. Red cedar is also used in ship and boat building and outdoor furniture, decking, and playground equipment. Western red cedar cladding is also heavily used to strengthen outdoor constructions. 

How Much is Australian Red Cedar Per Cubic Metre?

The cost of cedar timber for sale varies depending on the quality of the wood, the availability of the stock, the buyer’s location, and the supplier’s costing range. 

Generally, the prices per cubic metre for Australian Red Cedar Timber fall between $8,000 and $10,000 for thicknesses up to 50mm.

Is Western Red Cedar a Hardwood or Softwood?

Western Red Cedar Timber is classified as a softwood. It offers a unique combination of more durability and fragility than hardwood, making it an excellent choice for various applications that demand lightweight strength. As a softwood, Red Cedar exhibits a reduced susceptibility to warping or cracking when subjected to moisture or extreme temperatures. 

Despite being classified as a softwood, Red Cedar wood is highly regarded for its strength and sturdiness. It has a high compressive strength, impressive bending strength, and high durability. It also offers good dimensional stability, making it ideal for furniture building, fencing, decking and other outdoor applications. 

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Canterbury Timbers is one of the most trusted and reputed cedar timber suppliers in Australia. If you're planning your next woodworking or building project, Red Cedar wood could be the perfect material for your application.  With its inherent resistance to rot and impressive durability, Red Cedar is a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor projects.

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