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We are Sydney’s largest supplier of Internal Doors and External Doors. Our range includes Internal Doors, Block Doors, Fire Doors, External and Cavity Sliding Doors. Besides doors we also have all the Door Furniture and Hardware you would need along with a wide range of Door Jamb options in both Timber and Steel.

Are you looking for a trendy, high-quality, and unique design for your doors? Corinthian doors Sydney is the best option for you!

Corinthian has carried its well-known brand over the world, establishing a global reputation for quality, innovation, and design. You may discover door designs in Corinthian's wide selection to match every décor style, practically every architectural era, and every budget requirement - from affordable doors to products for the luxury home market.

At Canterbury Timber & Building Supplies, we are committed to giving our clients only the highest-calibre goods that will last them for many years. We are the leading provider of internal and external doors in Sydney. Corinthian Internal Doors, Block Doors, Fire Doors, External Doors, and Cavity Sliding Doors are among some of the most popular products we provide. Along with all the necessary door furniture and hardware, we also provide a large selection of door frame alternatives in both steel and timber.

Buy quality Corinthian doors in Sydney at Canterbury Timber & Building Supplies.

Why should you choose Corinthian doors in Sydney?

As a leader in the door business, Corinthian has created ground-breaking production technology that has made fashionable doors affordable for the broadest segment of the consumer market.

Corinthian takes great care to address environmental problems while producing top-quality goods that showcase the beauty of natural woods.

Are Corinthian doors Australian made?

Corinthian operates showrooms and production facilities in multiple Australian state capitals. For more than 70 years, Corinthian has established itself as Australia's top door designer and maker.

Are Corinthian doors solid timber?

Corinthian doors have a solid wood or wood composite core for increased security and reduced noise.

How should a Corinthian door be painted?

Never paint doors with automotive or two-pack paint. Doors that get direct sunlight should be painted with light-reflective colours since dark colours absorb heat and light. Dark colours might cause the doors to deform since they have a drying impact on them. It is crucial to apply a light-coloured topcoat.

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