Timber Cladding & Weatherboards


Cladding is enough to give your home a fresh new face without pumping too much money into the plaster. Get that perfect sleek look with our Cladding. Keep your home looking neat and fresh with a new coat of lovely material! Cladding is clever, stylish, and beautiful for your home. It’s hard to find a better idea than Cladding. It’s not just an easy way to complete the exterior of your house, it can also be adorned with boards or wallpaper that match or contrast your tastes.

Cladding is a popular choice among Australian homeowners, designers, and builders because of its utilitarian and aesthetic qualities. External cladding, which acts as a protective covering or second skin on the outside of a home, is perfect for providing insulation, weather resistance, and protecting homes from the harsh Australian natural elements. Additionally, to add individuality and flair

Certified for extreme weather conditions, Cladding is the perfect choice to withstand various Australian climates. Choose from our many different shades, including earth tones and natural colours. With a warranty that lasts at least 25 years, you will never need to worry about your cladding once it's fixed in place!


There's nothing to beat weatherboards. They look so great in these coastal-inspired homes, layered together with corrugated iron, timber decking and thatched roofs. With its focus on natural warmth and vivid colours, weatherboard is hugely popular for both interiors and exteriors alike.

Weatherboard is a key element of any Australian-themed home, and helps protect the building from damage due to unpredictable weather conditions. Weatherboards come in many different varieties and patterns that will suit any style you're looking for. Whether it be traditional Queenslander or modern coastal, these boards are out there!

Weatherboard is the perfect building material for many reasons. Its natural wood grain and texture give a sense of style to any home, it’s often found in heritage-listed homes from the 1800s which shows how well it lasts over time! Houses have been using Weatherboard since the 1800s and it is still going strong till this date.

Our Cladding and Weatherboard

Looking for the perfect finishing touch to your home or hotel, try out our Cladding and Weatherboard. Construction and home renovation are always around the corner. If your exterior house looks dull, now but you're not sure how to brighten it up yet, consider Cladding and Weatherboard as your new exterior aesthetic. Cladding and Weatherboard helps put the finishing touches on any home, house, and even buildings.

Our Cladding and Weatherboard are tough and durable enough to handle any weight. Cladding and Weatherboard can help give your home or building a unique and impressive aesthetic whether you're looking to stick with the trend of timber look finishes, opt for an environmentally friendly option such as fibre cement, or need resistance against termites and decay like concrete.

Depending on the project, the color of the Cladding and Weatherboard flows directly through the material and does not require any initial or ongoing painting, which can save a lot of money. Cladding and Weatherboard also requires low maintenance. With added termite protection, you would no longer need to worry compared to a normal wood that can easily get rotten.

Canterbury Timbers is Sydney’s largest supplier of Cladding & Weatherboards. Interior & Exterior Cladding in Timber and Weatherboard and Lining Boards. Timber is a smart choice, both for look and function. If you are looking for Cladding and Weatherboard, you can also talk to our experts for DIY advice and construction project knowledge. You can also visit our products catalog below for Cladding and Weatherboard choices.

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