Bricks and Blocks

What are Bricks and Blocks?

Building with bricks and blocks is an iconic construction endeavour. Ever since the Romans started using them, they have become a staple of any builder's arsenal. They provide strength and ease-of-construction for all kinds of building projects. Bricks and blocks are ideal for strong load bearing walls or anywhere you need great structural stability, actually bricks and blocks can be used just about anywhere. They're suitable as foundations or filler in almost any situation. And by adding some colour, you'll feel like these pieces are right at home in your garden landscape!

Bricks and Blocks are the perfect alternative to natural stone when looking for a cost-effective, durable type of building material. They provide all the benefits of stone masonry without the expense. Choose from two textures, three standard colours or have them made-to-order with any colour you want!

Why use Bricks and Blocks?

Blocks and bricks for all your building needs. Uniquely designed and intricately made, these blocks will help construct the next great buildings in your neighborhood. Bring your world to life with blocks and bricks from Bedrock City Construction - we'ere here to make sure you're home is as unique as you are!

Bricks and blocks are strong and durable, which is what you need in any project. Some people like the flat texture while others prefer the textured one. As well as being attractive, these projects will save you time because building them couldn't be easier and all you need is a trowel!

Our Bricks and Blocks

Build anything your imagination can dream up with Bricks and Blocks.

If you are looking for bricks and blocks, we can source them for you or visit our products catalog below. You can also talk to our experts for DIY advice and construction project knowledge. Canterbury Timbers also has competitive Trade Prices on Timber and Building Supplies. Call us today on (02) 9789 5888 or click here for a Quote. We also offer fast shipping Sydney-wide.