LVL Timber (Engineered Wood Products)

We are Sydney’s largest supplier of Laminated Veneer Lumber LVL and Timber Products. LVL Timber is designed for structural applications and is a very popular building material when strength and durability is required. LVL engineered timber products serve as headers, beams, rimboard, and in other functions that require strong and durable wood products for support.

Get High-Quality LVL Engineered Timber

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is a type of engineered wood used in various structural and construction projects. It offers more strength, stability, and versatility than other traditional wood products.

At Canterbury Timbers, we provide the highest quality of premium Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) Timber products. Our LVL Timber product selection ensures strong and durable options for all residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

What is LVL Engineered Timber?

LVL Timber is an engineered wood product. It is stronger and superior than other traditional lumber products. Laminated Veneer Lumber is manufactured by bonding multiple layers of thin wood veneers under extreme heat and pressure. The layers of multiple veneers are glued together with moisture-resistant adhesive. The resulting product of LVL Timber is strong and stable with superior strength.

LVL Timber can be used for any application where sawn timber is used. They provide more strength and durability and can support heavier loads. One primary advantage of LVL Timber is that it can be manufactured to any length as long as it can be safely transported to the site. They are also less susceptible to shrinking or warping.

What are the Benefits of LVL Engineered Timber?

Laminated Veneer Lumber has several benefits over traditional timber. They are extremely popular as a construction material due to the following advantages:

    • High Strength

LVL Timber is a strong, dense, and stable material. It is almost equal in strength to solid timber, concrete, or even steel. It is easy to work with and is used heavily in many construction projects.

    • Lightweight

LVL Timber is lighter than traditional hardwoods. So they are easier and safer to work with. Being lightweight also makes LVL Timber products easy to transport, which helps cut costs for many construction managers.

    • Versatility

LVL Timber can be used for a wide range of applications like structural work, flooring products, and roofing systems. Door and window frames, and as building and construction material. Its strength and stability make it useful for a variety of projects.

    • Sustainability

Since LVL timber is an engineered product, it is eco-friendly and sustainable. It is made from renewable resources and has a low carbon footprint. All this makes LVL a sustainable building material.

    • Cost-effective

LVL Timber is cheaper and more cost-effective than traditional wood products. It has superior strength to natural wood and can be easily transported to longer distances without any additional support - all this helps save costs in the long run.

Common Applications of LVL Engineered Timber

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) Timber can be used for various woodworking applications. Its high strength and versatility make it suitable for various applications, including structural work, flooring projects, roofing systems, and door and window frames.

    • Structural Work

LVL-engineered timber is widely used in structural projects such as beams, columns, or portal frames. Their high load-bearing capacity gives them impeccable strength and stiffness, which is useful in structural applications.

    • Flooring Projects

LVL Timber can be manufactured for long distances without needing any additional support. This makes them ideal for use in flooring projects. Their strength, durability, and high load-bearing capacity ensure that LVL flooring products will last long without damage.

    • Roofing Systems

In most construction projects, LVL Timber is commonly used as headers, ridge beams, or purlin to build roofing systems. They ensure excellent stability and support.

    • Door and window frames

LVL Timber is resistant to warping and shrinkage. Its natural strength and dimensional stability make them useful for building door and window frames.

Premium Suppliers of LVL Engineered Timber

Get premium quality of LVL Engineered Timber in Sydney at Canterbury Timbers. We provide quality LVL products that bring strength and durability to all your construction needs.

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