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Affordable Joist Hangers

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Joist hangers are one of the most efficient tools used for building and roofing projects. As the name easily reveals their function, joist hangers are designed and used to hold timber joists intact and in place.. If you’re working with anchoring deckings, floors or ceilings, joist timbers and joist brackets are the most helpful devices that you will work with. Most hangers that you use  wrap around three sides of a wooden beam. 

Screws and nails are used to help keep this design in place, whilst a connecting plate on your joist hanger is built to keep the surrounding frame fastened.

At Canterbury Timber, we provide a wide range of joist hangers that will help you finish your project swiftly!

Advantages Of Affordable Joist Hangers At Canterbury

Not only are joist hangers more versatile, but they are also stronger than using screws and nails. Joist hangers are much more easy to work with and are cheap,considering how long-lasting and productive they are. These hangers offer unparalleled stability, given that all holes are inserted with nails and screws. Our affordable joist hangers will keep your floors and decks strong.

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