Green Tongue Particle Board Flooring Termite Resistant - 19mm x 3600 x 900

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Green Tongue Particle Board Flooring Termite Resistant 3600 X 900 X 19mm

Green Tongue (T&G) Termite Treated Particleboard Flooring provides unbeatable protection against damp or humid conditions. It's made to flawlessly high standards and features an easy to use tongue and groove system for remarkable strength in unsupported joints.

Green tongue flooring is structural grade particleboard sheet flooring for interior use in domestic and commercial buildings, particularly suited to platform construction where the floor is laid prior to the erection of walls.

Featuring a tongue and groove system, the long edges of each panel are fitted with a groove that accepts a PVC tongue, ensuring an easy and tight fit for adjoining panels that gives the flooring remarkable strength in the unsupported joints.

The extra fine wood particles ensure an excellent distribution of the water resistant resins across the entire surface. Combine this with the wax edge seal and the resulting moisture resistance is over two times greater than the required standards for flooring, so these particleboard floorings can stay exposed to the weather for up to 3 months during construction without fear of swelling or warping.

Green tongue particleboard flooring can be used for a variety of framed building constructions including fitted floor, upper storey and platform constructions. It’s an ideal subfloor surface for all types of floor coverings including ceramic tiles, slate, vinyl, parquetry and carpet.

  • Durable and versatile
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Surface and edge treatments offer very good moisture resistance
  • 19mm thick
  • Suitable for 450mm joist centres
  • Green PVC tongue for easy identification
  • Raw in colour
  • Manufactured in Australia