The Ultimate Guide to Internal & External Doors

The Ultimate Guide to Internal & External Doors

Posted by Daryl Schmidt on 31st Jul 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Internal & External Doors

Installing doors in your home is a significant decision. The primary purpose of doors is to ensure security and privacy, making strength and durability essential factors. Choosing the right door is crucial because once it's installed, it typically remains in place for 10-15 years. Therefore, it's essential to select a door that you will be content with and enjoy seeing for the next decade.

In this blog, we take a look at the different types of doors to consider for your home.

Internal vs External Doors

Broadly speaking, doors can be divided into two main categories - internal doors and external doors. Internal doors are doors used in the interior of your home, typically as a barrier between two rooms. External doors are used outside of your home, usually as a barrier between the outside elements and the interiors of your home.

Interior doors are used for rooms inside a home or a building. They are usually made of a hollow core and are typically lighter and thinner than an exterior door. They can be made from glass, timber, metal, PVC, or a combination of these materials.

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Exterior doors are mainly used to enter and exit a home or building. They have a solid core and are typically made of timber, glass, metal, or steel. Exterior doors usually undergo special treatment to protect against moisture, heat, and weather-related damage.

Types of Internal Doors

1. Block Doors

Block doors are an excellent choice if you want minimalist-style doors for your home. These are swing doors, meaning they can be opened in either direction. Block doors are installed within a block frame at the entry of a room or passageway.

Block doors give a sleek and modern finish to your home. They look minimalist, adding sophistication to your humble abode. The door is mounted on the blocked frame with hinges on one side. This opens the door on both sides, ensuring easy passage.

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2. Corinthian Interior Doors

When it comes to interior doors in Australia, Corinthian doors are simply the best. They have a wide selection of doors to match every interior style and all budget. The brand is known for its innovation and high quality, offering durable products with aesthetic appeal.

From standard panelled doors to luxurious artistic-styled doors, you can find a variety of designs with Corinthian doors. Most of their doors are made of solid timber, providing more security and reduced noise.

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3. Cavity Sliders

Save space in your home with cavity sliding doors. These are unique in design as cavity sliders do not open in a particular direction like swing doors. Instead, they are installed within a cavity in the wall where the door slides in smoothly. Cavity sliders help maximise the space in your home and save you valuable floor space in a constrained room.

Cavity slider doors are an excellent choice for rooms or passageways with limited space. These doors glide into the wall, leaving an unobstructed pathway whenever you want. These doors are especially popular to install in kitchens, walk-in closets, patios, etc.

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4. Door Jambs

Technically speaking, this is not a type of door. Door jambs are a crucial part of the door frame. A jamb refers to the vertical flat surface running along each side of the door frame. It is the door jamb where the hinges of a door are placed, and the bolt passes through on the other side of the jamb.

While buying internal doors for your home, you must ensure you get quality door jambs too. It is vital for the functioning of a door as the door jamb ensures you can close, open, and lock a door.

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