Surround by Laminex

Introducing Laminex Surround, the ultimate solution for revamping your home space. We know that you've been searching for something special, and we think Surround by Laminex is just the product to give you that wow factor.

Our Surround panels come in a variety of styles and colors so you can customize your walls to match your unique taste. With promises of high scratch resistance, flame retardancy, and an ability to stand up to tough everyday use, this is one product you won't have to worry about upgrading any time soon. And don’t forget about our low-VOC adhesive option for installing - perfect for improving air quality while ensuring a lasting bond between panel and wall.

Whether it's a commercial property or a residential one, our Surround panels are designed to enhance exterior aesthetics with their unrivaled modern looks. Perfectly suited for both interior and exterior areas, our Surround range adds an entirely new look with minimal effort without giving up on its strength! 

With Laminex Surround, it is easy, straightforward and stress free to update your walls! With Laminex Surround on your side you can make instant upgrades available in styles covering all different kinds of applications. 
Add an extra flair with our 3D wall panels, curvature options or plant fiber products which bring forth fire protected textures like nothing else on the market today! 
Laminex Surround offers something every customer desires – quality material that is diversified enough to create any kind of look while also being super hardy at the same time; armoring walls against general damage but coming off easy when needed -an ideal duality for modern day décor needs!