Melamine Board

What is Melamine?

Melamine is a material typically composed of three components: plastics, resins, and formaldehyde. All parts of the process for creating melamine must undergo rigorous safety regulations that limit how much formaldehyde can be used during production. Melamine is commonly used in plates, plastics, and even as veneer boards for houses and building constructions.

Melamine is available on MDF and Particleboard, two separate substrates. Moisture Resistant MDF and Particleboard are also available. Melamine comes in a variety of colors, as well as White Satin and Black.

Melamine Board

Melamine Board is a popular building material and can also be used as a decorative veneer with an almost limitless colour range. Melamine Board will make your walls pop with beautiful patterns! It is a decorative veneer that's tough on the inside and beautiful on the outside, you won't need to worry about this well-built material buckling or shattering. Choose from a palette of colours that will blend beautifully into any modern space. It will be as effortless as picking which side you want up. Melamine board is a flexible material, durable, strong, and good-looking too.

Melamine Board is ideal for cabinetry, drawers, and shelving on the inside. Melamine can be utilized in a wide range of applications since it is made up of particleboard or MDF with a Melamine surface glued to it. The moisture resistant variety may be utilized in high-moisture environments like kitchens, laundries, and bathrooms, whereas the Standard variety can be used in bookcases and even shop fitting.

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