Door Handles

Door handles are attached to the doors to help in opening and closing the doors. There are several types of door handles that can be used as per customer requirement.

Lever Handles: Lever Handles have a lever that is pushed down to open the door. It is one of the mostly used door handles in the world.

Knob Handles: Knob handles are common in homes. They are round and require twisting to open doors but can be challenging for those with arthritis.

Handle sets: It is widely used for exterior doors and has a locking mechanisms for security purpose as well.

Dummy Handles: It is used for aesthetics only . They are often used on one side of a door.

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Door Knobs and Levers

Door Knobs and Levers are most common types of door handles used in doors. They come in various styles and designs used as per need

Entrance Knob/Lever: Entrance knob or lever is typically used on exterior doors where security is important factor. It usually includes a locking mechanism operated by a key on the outside and a turn button or thumbturn on the inside to lock or unlock the door.

Passage Knob/Lever: Passage knobs or levers can be used on doors where locking mechanism is not needed, such as internal doors .

Privacy Lever: Privacy levers are commonly used on interior doors such as bedrooms. They have a lock.

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