Boral Concrete

We are Sydney’s largest supplier of Boral Concrete and Sand and Cement products. Boral Concrete products are designed for structural applications and pavement which is a very popular in terms of strength and durability. Boral concrete products offers pre-cast concrete products that are manufactured offsite.

Why choose Boral Cement Products?

Boral Cement products are known for its

High Quality: Boral products are engineered for strength, durability and performance meeting all the industry standards and specifications.

Innovative Products: Boral highly encourage in Research and Development continiously improving its product quality and innovative solutions for the customers

Wide Range of Cement: Boral offers a wide range of products including various types of concrete either it is rapid set, quick set and blue mix.

Why Rapid Set Concrete is popular?

Rapd set concrete are being popular because it generally sets in less than 15 minutes compared to traditional concrete saving downtime and speeding up construction schedules. It has high compressive strengths and it can easily resist with harsh weather and chemicals ensuring long lasting solutions for the builders.

Premium Concrete Suppliers

Get premium quality concrete and its related product in Sydney at Canterbury Timbers. We provide high quality concrete products that bring strength and durability to all your construction needs.

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