Need your timber cut to size? Canterbury Timbers has milling facilities on site, so we have a quick turn around. No job is too big or small. We have experts in the mill that can make your requirements a reality and help you save time.

Profiles, Architraves and Skirting – Milling and Matching

Canterbury Timbers can recreate an existing profile in timber – milled to order. We have a huge range of existing profiles in MDF, Timber and Primed Timber, but can also recreate a profile if you bring us a sample.

Takes 4-7 business days to mill a new profile for you from an existing sample. Great for restoration of Heritage profiles.

Email [email protected] for more information.

Commonly Asked Questions about Milling


Milling Request Form

Click on the profile below to fill out a Milling Request Form and we’ll provide you with a Quote. Alternatively, send through your requirements to [email protected]

Choose the profile you need milled and complete a Milling Request Form


We only mill, dress, rip or dock fresh timber supplied by Canterbury Timber.

We will not process timber supplied by customers as:

  • we are uncertain of its origin and there can be no certainty it can be replaced if damaged; and
  • it may contain foreign bodies (nails, bolts etc.) which may damage the machinery, prematurely blunt cutting blades or injure customers and staff.

The significant majority of timber milled is pine. Where the timber will be painted, we will use F/J milling blanks, clear grade or select DAR boards (e.g. CD10025, CD5025, PSD30050 etc.) or Ezitrim/Design Pine depending on the customer’s intended use and the most suitable and time dependent stock available.

We also mill all other DAR or F27 species (Blackbutt, Meranti, Merbau, Spotted Gum, Victorian Ash) as well as all flooring and decking species depending on the customer’s intended use and the most suitable and time dependent stock available.

We prefer to mill or rip short lengths. Long lengths e.g. 5.4m, 6.0m are difficult to handle through the header or the table saw and are problematic, producing damaged or generally lower quality finishes.

For door jambs, we ask the customer to confirm door or jamb sizing

Generally, we dock (crosscut) to length free of charge for small quantities. A charge may be applied for large docking volumes or for precision cross cutting to length.

As a default service level, ripped boards will be supplied with a sawn face. Customers may ask for dressed faces. Dressing attracts additional charges.

For sheet cutting, customers purchase the entire “standard” sized sheet. Customers can elect not to take offcut(s).

A free (open source) sheet cutting optimiser App is used to plot cutting patterns and determine sheet quantities required. Sheet cutting patterns are determined including 4mm saw blade waste for each cut. Ideally, this would one day be on the website as well.

We also laminate, pencil round, bull nose, bevel, chamfer.

Through Heritage Profiles we can match existing or customise milling profile. Heritage carries more than 3500 existing profile cutters. For custom profiles, Heritage fabricates cutters.

The customer is asked:

  • What the finished timber will be used for?
  • What finished timber dimensions are?
  • What type, size, orientation?
  • What timber lengths and how many are required?
  • Where the timber will be used – inside, outside, wet area?
  • Whether the timber will be painted, stained or clear coated?

We will then suggest a species/feedstock based on time dependency and cost.

Where there is any uncertainty regarding the customer’s requirements, we ask them to send us a detailed drawing with all requirements and supporting information.