Steel Prop Heavy Duty Scaffolding – Various Sizes

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  • Weight: 1 kg
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Steel Prop Heavy Duty Scaffolding – $79 – $99

Ausex Props are strong, durable and versatile steel props which can be used for temporary propping, raking shores, in conjunction with H20 beams and forkhead jacks, back propping and as support for modular panel formwork systems. Ausex Props consist of an inner and outer tube with top and bottom plates.

Features of this Prop include:
• High load capacity up to 40.5 kN (depending on prop size)
• Coarse self cleaning thread
• Dust cap to prevent ingress of concrete and dirt
• Captive G Prop Pin reducing losses
• E Galvanised for long service life.
• Quick and accurate height adjustment.

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  • Weight: 1 kg

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