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Decking End Cap Installation:

Step 1: Brush of debris from end of the deck board to ensure a clean fit.
Step 2: Dry fit the end cap to make sure it will fit and trim tabs on back if required.
Note: When applying to starter board, cut and remove the appropriate tab on the back of the end
cap with a razor or utility knife.
Step 3: Apply a liberal amount of recommended glue to the end of the board. Follow clean-up instructions
per the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions for any excess glue.
Step 4: Position the end cap so that the word “UP” and the arrows are oriented upward and the end tabs
line up with the grooves in the board. Apply adhesive per manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that
a good bond is formed between the deck board and the end cap.

Recommended Adhesives:
DAP – Rapid Fuse All Purpose Adhesive
Gorilla Glue – Super Glue Impact Tough
Loctite – Super Glue Professional

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