Why Use H3 Treated Pine For Your Decking Subframe?

Why Use H3 Treated Pine For Your Decking Subframe?

Posted by Daryl Schmidt on 18th Jan 2023

Why Use H3 Treated Pine For Your Decking Subframe?

Building a deck requires careful planning, especially when it comes to the materials you are using. Your subframe for decking material should offer a solid foundation that ensures structural integrity and long-term endurance.

One of the most malleable and reliable forms of timber for deck frames is treated pine. While pine is a natural product that is robust and dependable, it is worth considering if this is applicable to all kinds of pine. Is pine suitable for outdoor projects?

In this blog, we will outline what is H3 treated pine and why you should use H3 treated pine timber frame for decking.

What is H3 treated pine?

Pine is a softwood, meaning that it must be treated with preservatives and kiln-dried to increase its longevity. The pine may decay and be vulnerable to insect infestation without treatment. It can fracture or crack when exposed to severe weather without being kiln-dried. However, your pine decking framing timber will live much longer if it receives appropriate care and drying.

Pine is treated with preservatives from a variety of classes, the most popular being H2, H3 and H4. The letter H, which stands for "hazard," is used to indicate the degree of treatment necessary and potential uses for the timber. H is used to classify the treatments used on wood to preserve it from insects and deterioration, among other things. Treated pine is divided into four categories, which decides how durable it is.H3 and H4 arethe most durable for usage outdoors. H3 is the finest option for all of your above-ground subframe for decking work.

Benefits H3 Treated Pine poses for subframes

- Protects against damage: H3 treated pine is insect resistant and provides long-term decay resistance to your timber. To protect the wood from termites, rotting, and fungus attacks, H3 is the minimal standard of treatment and also the best timber for deckframes. Protection from periodic wetness and above-ground environments is ensured by this preservative treatment.

- Affordability: Treated pine is significantly less expensive than most forms of timber. Since the subframe won't be visible, it is reasonable to select a component that is both affordable and long-lasting. You may construct an affordable outdoor deck using H3 treated pine, which provides both.

Furthermore, it is best known for its strength and durability. H3 treated pine is the best choice if you are searching for something aligns with your project budget. This material is also long-lasting.

How long will H3 treated pine last?

Although deterioration is a natural process for wood and cannot avoided, the H3 treatment drastically slows the process down. This preserves your deck, making it maintenance-free for many years to come.

Is H3 treated pine waterproof?

H3 treated pine is appropriate for outdoor use and rewetting on occasion.

If you’re also wondering what is H3 treated pine suitable for, it can also be used for above-ground building projects. This is because the chemicals in the treatment guard it against termite damage and fungal decay.

Can you use H3 treated pine in the ground?

H3 treated pine is not immune to severe degradation, which might happen in consistently moist conditions. Therefore, it can only be utilised in conditions when the wood is above ground.

Where can you buy H3-treated pine?

Canterbury Timber and Building Supplies offer the highest-quality H3 treated pine at competitive prices. We offer the best timber for decking frame build. Visit our website or call us at 1300 791 229 if you want to learn more or purchase the highest quality H3 treated pine or any other items for your project. Alternatively, send an email to our experts at sales@canterburytimbers.com.au.