What is H2 Treated Pine and How Can You Use It?

What is H2 Treated Pine and How Can You Use It?

Posted by Daryl Schmidt on 3rd Feb 2023

What is H2 Treated Pine and How Can You Use It?

If you’re a tradie, you know that there are many different types of pine available for various projects. But what about H2 treated pine? In this blog post, we’ll discuss the difference between regular and H2 treated pine, as well as a few examples of how you can use it in construction and other applications.

What is H2 Treated Pine?

H2 treated pine is an interior grade timber that has been pressure-treated with chemical preservatives to protect it against insects, including termites. H codes represent different levels of timber preservative treatments. The different levels provide a different level of protection against biological decay. The codes range from H1 to H6 with each code representing a different required minimum treatment, as displayed in the table below. 

When Should I Use H2 Treated Pine? 

If you’re looking for an economical solution for your indoor project and framing. This type of timber is generally cheaper than other alternatives such as hardwood or composite materials. Additionally, since it has been specially designed to withstand the elements, it requires little to no maintenance over its lifetime—saving you time and money in the long run. This type of timber is not suited for outdoor use and must not come into contact with soil. This is because H2 treated pine has been protected against termite attack but it has not been protected against decay fungi/rot. 

What Are Some Examples of Projects That Can Be Made With H2 Treated Pine? 

H2 treated pine is suitable for a range of residential domestic applications such as wall frames, flooring, joinery and other applications where the timber will not be exposed to moisture.. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for many tradies looking for a reliable material that won’t break the bank. 

Can you burn H2 treated timber?

Do not burn H2 timber. Burning treated timber will produce toxic fumes. Also, do not use H2 timber as firewood or mulch. The chemicals it contains make it unsuitable for these purposes.

Can you use H2 treated pine outdoors?

H2 treated pine is not designed for use outdoors because it is not protected against decay. If you intend to build an outdoor structure such as a deck, consider H3 or H4 treated timber.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an economical solution to your indoor project needs then consider using H2 treated pine! This type of timber has been specially designed to protect against termites while still remaining affordable—making it perfect for any tradie on a budget who needs a durable material that won’t require much maintenance over its lifetime. With its versatility and affordability combined with its resistance insect infestation, there really isn’t much else you could ask from a building material! So next time you’re looking for a reliable material check out what H2 treated pine has to offer!

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