The Best Timber to Use for Your Decking Projects

The Best Timber to Use for Your Decking Projects

Posted by Daryl Schmidt on 28th Apr 2023

The Best Timber to Use for Your Decking Projects

Adding a deck to your home is a great way to extend your outdoor space and increase the value of your property. Your decking area can be used to play, entertain guests, or as a place to relax. But before you start building your deck, deciding what decking material you will be using is important.

Using timber decking boards is typically the best choice. They look great, have a rustic charm, and give a classic aesthetic appeal. Find a wide selection of types of decking timber at Canterbury Timbers.

In this blog, we look at some of the options for the best decking wood that can be used for building your deck at home.

Hardwoods - The Best Timber Decking Choices

Hardwoods are a great option for decking material. They are durable and long-lasting, have a beautiful polished finish, and look great. Hardwood decking boards come in beautiful patterns and lines, which make for a beautiful installation at your home.

Some of the best decking wood in hardwoods are:

1. Merbau

The red-brown tones of Merbau make it a popular decking choice. The wood also has interlocking grain patterns, which gives it an attractive appearance. Merbau is one of the best timber decking materials because of its high durability, anti-resistant to termites and, high fire resistance.

2. Jarrah

Jarerah is counted as the top choice among the different types of decking timber. This hardwood comes in a wide range of colours - from rich reds to dark browns, salmon pinks and soft blondes. It also has interlocking patterns that add a rustic charm to its look. If left unsealed, the wood turns to a lovely grey over time. Jarrah is highly durable, naturally termite-resistant, and fire-resistant.

3. Blackbutt

Blackbutt has the same level of fire resistance as Jarrah but less durability. This hardwood comes in a spectrum of light brown shades - from honey to blonde. If you prefer darker shades, the wood stains easily. Blackbutt has two drawbacks - it is expensive, and the wood can crack easily. So, decking boards made of this timber need to be finished with a polish and not paint.

4. Spotted Gum

Spotted gum is a dense wood with low levels of shrinkage. This particular deck timber type is ideal for building outdoor decks. It has high fire resistance, and its appearance may vary from light to dark reddish brown. The grains are coarse and uneven, which gives the timber a natural appearance. When it comes to Blackbutt vs Spotted Gum decking, spotted gum is even more pricey than blackbutt. Although, its higher durability makes it cost-effective in the long run.

Treated Pine - Affordable Decking Choice

Treated pine is affordable, lightweight, and versatile to work with. Commonly used for deck timber types in homes with smaller budgets, this kind of wood is pressure-treated to withstand decay, fungi, or termites. Decking treated pine does not give the same classic look as hardwoods, making it easier to work with. They are also less durable and need regular oiling for long-lasting results. If you have a limited budget and a large project to work on, treated pine is the best decking material for you.

Choose the Best Decking Wood with Canterbury Timbers

We offer a great range of timber lining boards perfect for your decking projects. But before choosing your timber, some things to consider are:

- Location 

It is important to choose timber that can withstand the weather conditions it will be exposed to. Some hardwoods fade under the sun, so you must choose according to the climate. Moreover, if you live in bushfire prone areas, choose a decking wood with high fire resistance.

- Maintenance Effort 

Some woods need regular polishing or oiling to keep up their appearance, while some need no maintenance. When searching for the best timber decking, keep in mind the maintenance aspect of each wood.

- Budget 

Decking boards may vary in price - ranging from expensive hardwoods to treated pine. Keep the budget in mind while choosing your timber decking.

- Availability

If you are working on a strict time frame, choose easily available timbers. Go for native woods that can be sourced more quicker.

To find the best decking wood for your home, view the collections at Canterbury Timbers.