How To Clean A Merbau Deck: Step By Step Guide

How To Clean A Merbau Deck: Step By Step Guide

31st Oct 2022

How To Clean A Merbau Deck: Step By Step Guide

Merbau wood stands out as decking material in a world full of backyard resources. Merbau wood in Sydney is highly preferred for decking solutions as it offers perks that are affordable and aesthetically pleasing, with its natural finish.

Merbau wood is an excellent choice for a deck because it is strong and sturdy, but also looks beautiful and rich. Merbau wood decks are intense and dynamic, unlike most other options that look washed out or beige-like. You can choose from a variety of natural colours to style your space with merbau wood.

Did you know that merbau wood is not dry but oil-based? The best part of merbau materials is that it doesn’t ooze out oil that isn’t useful or pollutant to nature. Merbau wood slowly excretes acid and essential oils, encapsulating how nature works in unexpected ways. Merbau is resistant to rot and corrosion and can easily last for at least50 years, if looked after adequately. Heavy rain, snow, termites, bushfires or extreme heat, barely impact or compromise the materiality of merbau decking, therefore explaining its superiority.

That being said, merbau wood definitely needs to be taken care of so that it can live up to its true potential. In this article, you will learn about how to clean a merbau deck and maintain it.

How To Clean Merbau Decking?

Maintaining your deck is important, regardless of how it looks. Cleaning it regularly will help keep it looking good and in good condition. Outlined below are some suggestions for maintenance and tips on how to clean a merbau deck:

● Start with cleaning your deck normally. You may find dirt, grime, dead leaves and more around your backyard space. These contents may also be stuck in some areas around the deck and in between its flooring. The best way to get rid of them is to use a soft bristled broom. Make sure you reach all the crevices, panellings or anything that may be lodged in the sides.

● The next step is to gather all the materials you require for cleaning your deck. Now, you may have most of these cleaning supplies at home but if you don’t, visit your local supermarket. Here is everything that will benefit you:

- Gloves

- Hand bucket

- Mask measuring cup

- Safety glasses

- Brooms of different sizes

- High pressure cleaner

● Start with your high pressure cleaner and make sure you target all sides and areas of the deck that might have dirt stuck in it. It is important to wear your safety glasses while performing this step so that none of the dirt poses any threat to your eyes when cleaning with the high pressure cleaner. Also pay attention to not asserting too much pressure on a single area of the deck.

● The next step is to dilute your chosen merbau deck cleaner. It is important to wear your safety glasses, gloves and mask because these deck cleaners are full of chemicals, release fumes and should not be touched by bare hands. Make sure you carefully pour the cleaner in a measuring cup and dilute it with water.

● Dip your broom into the solution and start scrubbing, targeting all corners and surfaces. Be careful about the mixture reaching your plants or garden. Once you have finished the entire area, leave it for the time mentioned on the label of the cleaner.

● Once you’ve left the deck for a suitable time to soak , clean everything off with a high pressure cleaner, leaving the surface to dry afterwards. If you’re wondering when and how to clean a deck, we recommend doing this on a day that is highly sunny.

● Apply decking oil and you’re good to go.

For more information on what materials to use for merbau decking 140mm or for more guidelines call us at 1300 791 229, to leave your backyard looking clean and stylish.