Guide To Using Treated Pine Timber

Guide To Using Treated Pine Timber

16th Nov 2022

Guide To Using Treated Pine Timber

Normal pine timber cannot be used in the process of construction since it has its own downisdes. Structured pine timber is vulnerable to different natural factors such as weather, fungi and incense. These natural enemies can attack structured pine timber and get the best of them. Hence, using pine timber without treating it is just not an option. To increase the durability of the pine timber, it is treated with the help of preservative chemical. This process is known as  ‘treating’ pine timber and the finished product is treated pine timber.

Treatment Of Pine Timber 

Treating structured  timber with preservative chemicals makes it more suited to be an option for building, engineering applications and construction. Treated pine is the product of natural pine timber going through processes like being permeated with a chemical solution which gives it immunity towards decay, insects and other deteriorating factors for a long time.

Because of this treatment that increases the life and durability of the pine timber, treated pine timber is used for many applications such as treated pine deck, pergolas, cladding, posts, retaining walls and posts. The life of treated pine timber, i.e for how long will it be useful, is solely based on the level of treatment it has received, amount of exposure allowed and the condition of its use. For example, pine timber treated to H3 will last for a longer period of time in a dry climate compared to a humid one.

The process of treating pine timber includes many stages involving insecticides and pesticides. The two types of preservatives used very commonly in Australia include:

i. Water-borne preservatives: ACQ, CCA and CuAz which permeates the wood that is mixed in water.

ii. LOSPs, Light organic solvent borne preservatives. This is imparted to the wood mixed with a solvent which is organic such as white spirit.

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