Easycraft Decorative Wall Panels

Easycraft Decorative Wall Panels

Posted by Daryl Schmidt on 12th Dec 2022

For over 35 years, Easycraft has been committed to manufacturing decorative wall and ceiling linings, that are proudly made in Australia. Get inspired for your next project with Easycraft's extensive range of affordable and DIY friendly products.

Silhouette by Easycraft is a brand-new concept in decorative panelling, providing depth and texture though intricate high-quality panels, suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

This innovative range has been crafted by the architectural and design community through exploration and collaborations on products and projects. Silhouette by Easycraft aims to inspire “material lead” design, giving all creatives the ability to incorporate natural shapes and shadows through hard-wearing durable materials.

Commercial applications for impact-resistant panels

Beyond the usefulness of impact-resistant panels in residential spaces, Easycraft’s robust products are also perfect in commercial environments.

In bars and pubs, walls that have higher impact resistance than their alternatives (like plasterboard and cement sheets) can end up saving the business owner thousands in repair costs. Likewise, rooms in childcare centres and schools deal with constant impact from kids, so having panels that can stand up to the task are a huge cost-saver over the long term.

Why impact resistance is essential in high-quality panelling

Whether you want to build your dream home or create the ultimate new space, you are probably more focused on the appeal of the panels rather than their durability. But everything from day-to-day wear and tear to unexpected accidents can result in damaged walls that are expensive – and time-consuming – to repair.

That’s why choosing an impact-resistant product from the start can save you headaches down the track. Easycraft panels, for example, are up to 300% more impact resistant than regular plasterboard, and outperform high-impact plasterboard by up to 50%.